Update by Mark Liberman: Knowledgeable commenters have serious objections to the content of this guest post (e.g. Day, The Alphabet Code: The Origins of Our Alphabet and Numbers (Kindle 2018). Furthermore, as, barry Powell admits, 'The signs of the West Semitic signaries bear little resemblance to the objects they are said to name.', for example, supposedly depicts the head of an ox, although only after being rotated by 180;, a house;, a hand;, a mouth.

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Yet no one doubts the Phoenician hypothesis. Suzanne Kemmerer, Jamie ).

Isaac Taylor pointed out in the 19th century, is that the Greek letters and their alleged Semitic forerunners suffer from a 'nearly absolute dissemblance of form for example, zta and Semitic zayin, mu and Semitic mem ; san and Semitic tsade ; rh and Semitic. Read the rest of this entry ». At present, almost every scholar follows Herodotus about the Greek alphabet being created by non-Indo-European Phoenicians (despite an earlier tradition attributing the invention of writing to the legendary hero. It was a serious mistake to have given this work a platform on this blog, which tries to present reputable linguistic perspectives in a public-facing way. One problem with the orthodox story,.

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Professor Emeritus Petr Sgall, professor of Indo-European, Czech studies, and general linguistics at Charles University in Prague, passed away on May 28, 2019 in Prague, the day after his 93 rd birthday. Le mur du son est une innovation qui permet de visualiser et écouter les artistes en cours de diffusion sur Les Indes Radios, le portail des radios indépendantes. Une dominatrice doit être une sorte de médium, et doit être fine psychologue. No chiamate anonime ed sms. Elle nest pas sadique et lerreur serait de croire quelle lest.